Admiral Syrus Blood, Ret.

Retired Imperial Admiral turned big game hunter.


+2 skill pt
+4 ft pts remaining
Admiral Syrus Blood ret
CAPTAIN OF SHIP now big game hunter
Portrayal: Cynical retired admiral
background (insert lodge name) Hunting Champion
Inciting Incident: Corrupt Jedis seem like a great thing to hunt
Belief: Personal Glory and Glorious Combat
Trouble: Massive connections in Imperial Navy but conflicts with politics


Aspects (finishing them up here is layout)

Admiral’s Scimitar – Rancor Claw
Type: Device
Function: Red Jade-edged Scimitar
Features: Harmful 2, Exceptional (When an opponent takes a consequence from an attack
made by your jade sword, increase the severity of the consequence by one level [if increased
above Severe, the opponent is taken out instead])
Flaw: After consuming a fate point to use the blade’s exceptional feature, it will be degraded to a useless point and can no longer be used in combat. It will take some time to regain its functionality after maintenance.

sword master: technique. Focus 2 (fighter+2) flaw limited (only while wielding a sword) 1 refresh

Blind Maw Ranch (hunting lodge), Focus 2 (scholar+2) flaw limited (only about information in area’s your lodge has access too) 1 refresh

Inspire the men!
On roll success: Party gets to a boost to attack (future info noted)
Focus +2 aristocrat
Situation flaw: Needs +4 aristocrat roll to succeed. If roll fails, the group doesn’t feel any more motivated then they were going into the fight/


I am Syrus Blood, a retired admiral and fearless soldier who has lead several ground teams on massive assaults in the hunt of the Empire’s enemies! I commanded the ship Rancor Fist because she hit like a fucking hammer, her arsenal would put half the fleet to shame and tails between the legs of our combatants!

Despite my many successes, I was forced into retirement by my peers, one for fear of my crazy tactics, and two because the empire favored my skills over theirs and the political game was too dull for me to play.

now in my later years I still enjoy the heat of combat and adrenaline, since i can’t get that in the empire I have opted to go world to world and hunt big game with my droid Mon-O.CLE.

Admiral Syrus Blood, Ret.

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