Hitokiri Musashi

Nage Doshu No Ni Kiba (Master of the way of two fangs)


High Concept: Doshu No Ni Kiba (Master of the way of two fangs – A sword style the character developed)

Trouble: Hunted by the Jedi killing squads.

Other Aspects:
  • Student of Wakatsuki Kaiketsu
  • Careful: Mediocre (+0)
  • Clever: Average (+1)
  • Flashy: Fair (+2)
  • Forceful: Average (+1)
  • Quick: Good (+3)
  • Sneaky: Fair (+2)

Because I am Doshu No Ni Kiba when I use Quick to attack an unprepared opponent I get a +2.


Refresh: 3
Stress: 3


Race: Naga (Snake from the waist down, humanoid from the waste up; scales, cobra hood, fangs, poison, thermal receptors don’t plan on any of this being stunts, more like stuff to tag)
Favored Equipment: Twin cane sword (two matched swords, hidden in one cane, Jedi Steel)
Personality, mellow, slow temper but prone to lashing out when provoked

Hitokiri Musashi

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