Jack O'Blades

I hunt jedi for the Empire and Rescue Jedi for the Order


Portrayal: Yautja Jedi Hunter
Background: Jedi School Wash-out
Inciting Incident: The Jedi go nuts and the Empire is paying
Belief: Help my Friends, Help Myself
Trouble: Playing all the Sides

+1 Aristocrat
+2 Engineer
+2 Explorer
+3 Fighter
+2 Scholar
+1 Scoundrel

Refresh: 3

Shoulder Mounted Net Launcher “Wrapped up Like a Present”
Feature: Focus +3 to Fight
Flaw: troubling (Requires upkeep), Situational (Only when a net would be useful)

Flame Thrower “Overwhelming Inferno”
Feature: Harmful 2, Exceptional (Attack the Zone)
Flaw: troubling (Requires Upkeep), [Only applies to Exceptional: Demanding 1 (1 action) Limited: once per scene]

High Power Scattergun: DEFLECT THIS!”
Feature: Exceptional (Can’t Be Blocked only Dodged)
Flaw: troubling (Requires Upkeep), Demanding (1 Action)

Tinkers Power Armor: “Omi-tool Armor”
Feature: Protective 2, Focus* 2 (2 to Engineer Rolls), Focus 2 (2 to Scoundrel Rolls)
Flaw: troubling (requires upkeep), [Only applies to Focus*: Situational (Only When creating assets), Demanding (1 Action)], [Only applies to Focus: Situational
(Only When being physically stealthy), Demanding (+2 engineering roll)]

Stress: OOO


Jack O'Blades

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