Mon Ocular Combat Leisure Etiquette Droid


Portrayal: Mon Ocular Combat Leisure Etiquette Droid
Trouble: over obedient
Background: Bleeding Edge Protocol Droid
Inciting Incident: Hunting with Blood
Belief: Be a gentleman at all times

+3 Aristocrat
+3 Scholar (+1)
+2 Fighter
+1 Engineer
+1 Explorer
+0 Scoundrel

T) Bartitsu Master
Feature (Focus) +2 to Fight
Flaw When its an unarmed fight

T) Swiss Army Droid
Feature (Focus) +2 to Engineer
Flaw When creating new assets

G) Robotic Eye
feature (Aspect) “Geordi Vision”
Flaw Requires +2 Scholar roll
Flaw Takes time


This one-eyed lanky droid in a livery suit known as the Mon-O.CLE is the cutting edge in leisure technology! You shouldn’t be caught dead without one. Not only is it a bodyguard but it will make your tea and wash your dishes without ever leaving your side. This beautiful hunk of machinery is so chalk full of gadgets even we don’t know what’s inside! Except for the future of course, we guarantee you will be a satisfied customer for life.

This particular model of the Mon-O.CLE is owned by Admiral Syrus Blood, Imperial, Retired. It was purchased for him on by his crew upon his promotion to Admiral, and after quite a long period of violent adjustment and self repairs, Blood never goes anywhere without it.


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