Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man

An engineering droid commissioned by the Chae crime family.

High Aspects

High Concept: Android Mechanic Third Class
Trouble: Hunted by the Chae Crime Family.

Other Aspects
  • Babbage Interface
  • former employee of the Mundaneum
  • Don’t mess with this Robot
  • Careful: +2 (Fair)
  • Clever: +3 (Good)
  • Flashy: +1 (Average)
  • Forceful: +3 (Average)
  • Quick: +2 (Fair)
  • Sneaky: +0 (Mediocre)
  • Because I am a Mechanic when I use Clever to create an advantage for a ship I get a +2.

Stress: 3


either the C3PO (Clockwork men) or the R2 units as a Character.

as a ship add-on: I was thinking about being part of the engine / maneuvering or secondary bridge. As a ship’s mechanic I’m very flexible.

Aspetics: Bookworm, Duty, Meticulous, Rich?
Skills: Academics, Research, steam, clockwork, magical(?), Subversive?

keywords: Tinker, Inventor, Clockwork, Steam, Mechanical, Alchemist

Steamcraft, Electrical, Golem / Construct?

possible ties to crime boss as a indentured servant that has fallen to the Chae crime family. Free by this group, the construct has over heard about the book that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands…. this construct now seeks the books as well to buy his freedom.

Skills that I would like:
mechanical (broad)
Cmbt: Crew served wpns (Thermatic)
Military skills: inert specialist?

possible pro skills: Mechanical, Invent, Steamcraft, Clockwork

Perception: General: search

Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man

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