Final Journal of Wakatsuki Kaiketsu

A small red leather journal, well worn and fraying at the edges.


This journal contains the last know writings of Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu. The book can be best described as a “stream of consciousnesses”. It was likely something he carried on him and jotted down notes to be later transcribed into his more formal journals.

It contains disjointed notes, scarce notes on technique, along with several negative observatation about the The August Brotherhood of the Jedi, including drafts of his final resignation letter. It should be noted that Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu left the order because he felt it was focusing too much on the material and not enough on the spiritual.

Near the end of the book it does mentions a desire to visit an old friend stationed on Byss.

Final Journal of Wakatsuki Kaiketsu

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