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  • I Hope the Lead is Legit this Time

    h3. Advertisements *The following announcement went out over radio, aether communication,town crier and flyers* _Dear citizens,_ _It has come to my attention that many of you are trading in Jedi weapons. I cannot emphasis enough how dangerous …

  • Chae Soon-Chun

    h3. Appearance Soon-Chun is a Hesiod, a snail like race. Because of their lack of hands to perform fine manipulation developed ways to use the force to compensate. Soon-Chun has tailor made suits to fit his non humanoid exterior. As such he is …

  • Iroh Sousuke

    Iroh Sousuke is a well known middle man of a somewhat interesting reputation. Trading in mostly Jedi artifacts he has thus far managed to avoid the watchful eye of the [[The Royal Galactic Empire | The Royal Galactic Empire]].