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  • Coruscant

    A massive planet sided factory, an industrial nightmare, a swell as the cultural and political center The Grand Republic. Once proud home to The Temple of [[The August Brotherhood of the Jedi | The August Brotherhood of the Jedi]]. All that was before …

  • Barracks 34-5287

    A Barracks for [[:stormtrooper | Stormtroopers]] located near the center of the market on Byss. It is a imposing brick building right in the corner of the main square. !https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12550542/SteamWars/brownstone.jpg! h6. …

  • Falleen

    Falleen is a tropical planet about halfway from galactic center to the outer rim. It was discovered

  • Sweet Dandlion Inn

    !https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12550542/SteamWars/byss/sweetdand.jpg! A run down in located by the port on the planet Byss. Noted for being cheap and rundown place for sailors to mingle with the local color.