A massive planet sided factory, an industrial nightmare, a swell as the cultural and political center The Grand Republic. Once proud home to The Temple of The August Brotherhood of the Jedi. All that was before the rise of The Royal Galactic Empire, since then the planet has gotten worse.

The surface of the planet has bee uninhabitable for years. The machines rendering it nothing more that a smog and ash choked wasteland. Though there are rumors of people ho can live there and make a living hunting other things in the toxic fog.

Most of the planets inhabitants live in the under city a leviathan maze of steam tunnels, streets, apartments. All lit by regulated gaslight smelling of stale air pumped in from the over city and the constant hum of the factories that process day and night without stop.

Those fortunate few of great wealth and influence live in the upper city enjoy opulence and privilege. Far above the churning smog ocean they enjoy crisp cool air and the finest the Republic and now The Empire has to offer.


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