Q: Airships or ornate starships?
A: This game is a steampunk themed Star Wars game. As such it will be a space opera with ornate starships.

Q: Will your scenario take place on an alternate-history Earth or in a retro-tech galaxy? Nation-states, floating islands (a la “Spelljammer”), or exotic planets are all possibilities.
A: It will take place in a retro-tech galaxy. I was planning to use exotic planets. However if everyone is up for a looser cosmology I’d be open to it.

Q:Jedi powers: Even if the Jedi are rare, are their powers described as more psionic or magical?
A: The Jedi powers are magical/mystical. It’s worth noting here that the Jedi are an eclectic tradition. During the time they held power and influence they had the opportunity to gather techniques and ideas from hundreds of worlds. As they discovered new useful techniques they were added to the curriculum.

Q:What’s the balance between fantasy and science fiction?
A: Pulpy fantasy, I have a hard time picturing steampunk going into space and staying grounded enough to be called sci-fi. However this may change depending on people’s character ideas. Once I have an idea of who’s playing what I’ll have a better ides of this balance.

Q: What’s the balance between the Old West and samurai tales?
A: This will vary, the Jedi have a strong samurai influence. However like the last question the composition of the group will determine the balance in this case.

Q:Character archetypes: Aside from Jedi, I assume that bounty hunters, diplomats/spies, scoundrels/smugglers, soldiers, and techies are all available.
A: You are correct, aside from what you’ve listed I’ve had Twi’lek prostitute pitched as well as Twi’lek Harriet Tubman. The only requirement for characters is a desire to track down Wakatsuki Kaiketsu.

Q: I see from your Obsidian Portal wiki that aliens are humanoid animals.
A: This is more of a guideline that a hard and fast rule. I just think this will be a handy mental shortcut. While keeping with a Victorian obsession with weird taxidermied animals. That said if anyone really wants to import something or make up something I’d be open to that.

Q: The Empire rises: How oppressive is the Kaiser’s regime?
A: Very, in the past five years they have tried to remove all knowledge of the Jedi. They have begun to “correct” the official star maps usually removing lesser known trade routs. Any truly gifted or talented individuals are pressed into imperial service. Those that refuse, are clearly traitors.

Q: How far does the military reach?
A: Depends, the military is strongest at the core growing weaker as the outer rim is approached. Though the exact power does vary from region to region, getting spottier further away from the core.

Q: How far do the secret police reach?
A: Through a combinations of boots on the ground, scrying, and hypnotized sleeper agents to the far rim worlds and beyond.

Q: If there are still some righteous warriors left, where might they go?
A: Into hiding, known Jedi are actively being hunted. However there are other groups that are no less potent only far fewer in number. Some of the were even allies of the Jedi.

Q: Are there lawless frontiers?
A: There aren’t major lawless frontiers. There are planets, found in the outer rim and some places that have been removed from official star maps. These places have a lighter touch by The Empire and in some cases have no local governance of their own.

Q: Has the rebellion started yet?
A: No, there have been smaller rebellions but nothing organized yet.

Q: A call to adventure: Who has responded so far?
A: No one has replied to my e-mail yet. I have two people from my monthly game who have expressed interest and I think will join. Outside of that I have a maybe or two.

Q: How large a party do you anticipate running for?
A: I don’t have enough answers yet to get a good idea. However I’m hoping for 3-6 players.


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