The August Brotherhood of the Jedi

For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times… before the Empire. An ancient monastic order they trained the elite from all corners of the galaxy. Most moving to political or military roles. The Jedi influence spread far and wide.

Accepting only the best of the best into their ranks. They were along the best leaders, diplomats, filling whatever role was needed to maintain peace in the galaxy, until the fall

Five years ago the The August Brotherhood of the Jedi was found guilty of consorting with devils, jinn, and other unclean spirits. After that the order fell apart almost immediately. It is believed most of the order was killed by Herzog Vader during the purge.

Since that time all remaining records of the Brotherhood has been wiped out. There literature confiscated, or ushered off to wealthy collectors and friends of the Empires ruling class. With laws going so far as to ban the open carrying of balded weapons that invoke the memory of the fallen Jedi.

  • Shukun: Master, title given to members who displayed exceptional skill and character.
  • Kyoudai: Knight, used to designate a full member of the order.
  • Cyuugakusei: Student, titles used to refer to Jedi who are junoir members of the order, not full knights yet but passed the entrance exams.
Other Titles
  • Myoushu: Expert, an informal title used to designate someone who displayed exceptional aptitude in on field or another.

The August Brotherhood of the Jedi

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