Steam Wars

I get my 10 foot Pole

As the clouds part the team sets sights on the city of Alexandria the Onxy Rose lands on the landing bay behind the main building. They enter in search of clues entering the main room a marbled lobby adorned with old art.

Irahara Syoko investigates the art seeing it’s old hero’s from myth and legend. Qyn Flashtail began exploring and was attacked by a dart. At this Irahara Syoko goes back to the ship to retentive a 10 foot pole as she begins checking for traps as they go.

After winding around some more obstacles the group finds it’s way to the catalog where Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man begins searching through the index. Irahara Syoko wanders off int othe old news paper to try to find what happened to this place. Sadly not funding much.

As the group progresses they find Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu in the next room preparing tea for their arrival. The group settles in as Irahara Syoko retells the story of their journey.

Assault on the Compound

For a week now Irahara Syoko has been on the planet of Siskeen, enjoying tea and the warm weather. During her exploration of the city she found an order of force sensitive people former allies of the Jedi. The lodge of the rising Sun. Armed with such useful intelligence the group heads in,. They are meet by heavily armed guards wearing turbins. Spotting Qyn Flashtail they inquire after her. After ascertaining her identity they usher her in.

Qyn Flashtail’s brother was among the lodges members however they were recently kidnapped by a sith, intent on blackmailing the order into submission. The group speaks with Master Singh Gatha the Grand Elder of the lodge. He Has indeed spoken with Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu recently and will happily direct them along on their quest. However with Skye Flashtail being trapped the Elder implores the group for help, for which they acquiesce..

Irahara Syoko went in first and was captured sadly she saw little of the complex as Nicole taunted her and threw her into a cell. Then a strike team came into a secret passage opened by Gatka’s men while she distracted some guards. At the same time Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man with the frontal assault team they dealt with a sniper by quick counter sniper actions and blew through the large iron bars. Only to bwe meet with two machin gun nests right inside them. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man robotic body took the brunt of the fire and was able to rush and disable the nests with minim damage.

Then Qyn Flashtail flew over with the Onxy Rose blowing up several of the waiting ships and setting some fuel drums on fire.

Inside the stroke team lead by a cobra struck now free Irahara Syoko ran into the main room as Pheriphetes and his team burst through the door one of the lodge members engaged the waiting sith and while everyone else mopped up goons.

Using the brawl as cover Irahara Syoko slipped into the other end of the compound and finds the other members of the lodge quickly freeing them they join in the fight. Seeing the tide of battle turn Nicole breaks away and runs to her personel carrier evaing Qyn Flashtail and the rose.

Afterwards the group celebrates as they are given choice of unique weapons from the Lodges arsenal and directions to the next destination.

I Swear by my Sword

The ship stops on the Swamp planet of Falleen, on Neup Gwangsan a floatingplatform settled on a swamp lake. Irahara Syoko has gone ahead to their next destination. To restock before heading on to Siskeen. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man restocks on Aether Grease mixing his custom formula from the different reagents on the shelves of the chemist. While Qyn Flashtail restocks foods stuffs. All is going well until the crew heads back to their ship. Where the find Roberts Bergall backed up by about a half dozen thugs. He then points out that the groups ship has been impounded and they are guests of the Chae Crime family.

Roberts Bergall makes them an offer, he’s been having issues with the local Falleen population if they were to handle it for him he’s be ever so grateful. So the crew of the Onyx Rose sets out on a rowboat into the swamps. They cross a lake into the mangrove trees searching for the native lizardpeople. Eventually they found them, in an ambush.

Akimoto Yoshino bartered wit them based on the Orders reputation. The group was brought in front of the tribal leader. Akimoto Yoshino bargned again, the chief explained that the crime family had kidnapped several of their people and were forcing them to work as slave labor. Upon hearing that the party swiftly agrees to help the people. The group spends a few days there regrouping.

Then they go off to the rig again to speak with Roberts Bergall they meet him in his office surrounded by his thugs and Phep. After Roberts Bergall refuses to acquiesce to the groups demands Akimoto Yoshino attacks. During the scuffle Akimoto Yoshino is injured just then Deekin one of the tribal lizard people bursts in. He had followed the party. Elling free my people” he dives into the fraymosty places wielding his spear masterfully. This sudden addition turns the tide as the group slaughters everyone in the room.

Taking Akimoto Yoshino the group wanders until they find and free the trapped falleen. Then they bolt back to the ship and bluff their way pas t the guards. Ships are scattered to intercept but Qyn Flashtail easily evades them.

That Went According to Plan
Next time we need a better plan


This broadcast went out last night to a select frequency on the planet Byss.

The rebellion has begun. Just last night the notable felon Madam Parsad was broken out of prison. As the Jackbooted thugs of the Empire track her down form my safe house. We can take them. PEOPLE UNITE.

The Adventure

As Irahara Syoko,Qyn Flashtail, and Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man settle in at the Sweet Dandelion, they regroup and discuss their next action. After realizing that it was Akimoto Yoshino that needed to talk to her they wonder what to do next. As they contemplate knocks start down the hall Steam Trooper are searching for them. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man says he can hold them off and tells everyone else to run. Irahara Syoko and Qyn Flashtail obey dragging madam Parsad in tow. Qyn Flashtail heads to the roof and Irahara Syoko with Madam Parsad try to make it to safety. Akimoto Yoshino made his way toward the other members of his crew guided by the force.

As they maker their way across the street Irahara Syoko and Mada Parsad are spotted by a pair of troopers just then Akimoto Yoshino walks into the scene and attracts the attention of the troopers. One of them chases him and another one points his sidearm and Irahara Syoko. Just then Qyn Flashtail takes some shots from the roof. Irahara Syoko takes the chance and bolts dragging the madam along with her.

Then Irahara Syoko remembers that she has a contact on the planet. An anachronistic tinkerer named Dev Null. He welcomes them into his underground workshop, which reeks of oil and human sweat. Then they hunker down for the evening.

Back in the hotel room Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man uses his tools to bolt the dresser to the walls enforcing the door. Then taking advantage of the flimsy construction and his own bulk he runs into the next room to be confronted by a drunken sailor. Thinking quickly Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man talks him into running into the next room, just as the troopers shoot, Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man sees the man’s head explode as rifle bullets tear him apart.

As Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man watches the man die Akimoto Yoshino finds a loop in the alleys he tries to double back on thre trooper pursuing him. Sadly he misteps and as he comes back around the trooper sees him. Using the force he throws his Wakizashi at the trooper but misses wide. Due wither to fatigue or the trooper being exceptionally skilled. As the fight rages on Akimoto Yoshino finds himself matched. Until suddenly he feels a wellspring of dark energy flow into his body. Binding it to his will he directs it toward the trooper leaving him dead in the ally.

Back at the hotel Qyn Flashtail tries to sneak in to help Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man, unfortunately she;s seen by a trooper stationed at the back door. She tries to make it to the roof but the trooper pursues her. At that moment Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man stands behind the door in the next room waiting for the troopers to come. As they do he shoves the door into their face and runs. As he bolts he meets with other hotel patrons as the other troopers begin to question them.

Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man bolted as soon as nooned was looking making a B-line for the ship. Qyn Flashtail seeing this makes the jump also landing on the ship. Soon after they are joined by Akimoto Yoshino who has to offer a password after stealing the armor of the killed Steam Trooper. With the most of the party together they group radios Irahara Syoko radios the group saying she’ll hold tight.

Akimoto Yoshino explains that there is a dark force rising on the planet. After a brief discussion the group decides to take the ship to the location. Where they open fire on the sacred sight below scattering the imperial soldiers below. Akimoto Yoshino summons his power and uses the meditation techniques and tries to quell the powers that gather. Unfortunately he discovers that this is the same power that he himself drew from earlier making it that much harder to put down,

As Akimoto Yoshino wrestles with demons personified the Troopers on the ground regroup and open fore on the ship. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man seeing this vents the enjoins covering the ship in a steam cloud as Qyn Flashtail takes evasive maneuvers. Akimoto Yoshino summons his will again and quells the beast down as he collapses. After that Qyn Flashtail guns it and the ship shoots toward the open skies.


This advneture saw us finally get off Byss, however the party is still divided. You have earned a minor milestone.

We need a Goat
Anyone have a pulley?

The following bulletin was posted on the door of Barracks 34-5287 lacatedcenter of the market on Byss.

To all Citizens,
#OLDWOMAN is to be hung from her neck until dead. The execution will take place on the third day of Nelona. The execution will take place in victory field outside of the city of Bachra. After witch Senator. Abraxis Enz and Dutchess Swa-Lu Tai will give orations and take some questions from citizens.

The Adventure

Qyn Flashtail played by runa29
Akimoto Yoshino played by joseph1973 (Absent)
Irahara Syoko played by geoff42183
Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man played by espatier

After investigating the Jail Irahara Syoko, Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man and Qyn Flashtail review their options, seeing #OLDWOMAN execution is planned for tomorrow they decide their best plan is to spring her tonight. They find suitable clothing to blend in. Irahara Syoko bruising the bedbugs out of an old shawl she purchased.

The collected group visits the Shukun Suguhara Shuntaro and Akimoto Yoshino. The Shukun Suguhara Shuntaro explains how he needs to prep Akimoto Yoshino to help keep the mysterious force on the planet contained. The party goes off to rescue the #OLDWOMAN,

Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man goes in to try to interview the Steam Trooper to get more information about the jail. He inadvertently annoyed the soldiers and get’s himself arrested. In the prison he is jailed near the
#OLDWOMAN and comforts her telling her help is on the way.

The group checks on the #OLDWOMANS establishment. They find the place raided but in surprisingly good condition. All of her small crystals have been stolen however her large crystal ball is intact. As the grab it Qyn Flashtail sees a vision of her brother.

The group visits a friend of Irahara Syoko a arms dealer named Akbar. After some chit chat he offers them some nice things. Liquid explosives, powerful enough to go though prison walls.

Irahara Syoko and Qyn Flashtail conceive a plan to get the captives out. Qyn Flashtail suggests tossing a goat down the chimney to distract them. After some back and fourth they decide a goat is to bulky to get on the roof settling instead for some chickens.

Qyn Flashtail drops the chickens down the chimney and upon hearing the noise Irahara Syoko tosses the liquid at the wall causing it to blow. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man then walks out, snipers on the roof start to fire. In the confusion Irahara Syoko tosses the next vial against the wall freeing the #OLDWOMAN. Then the party sprints down the street, opting to grab rooms in a seedy hotel by the wharf the “Sweet Dandelion”. They try to wait out the searches.

Fate Accelerated Rules Corner: Aspects

Aspects are a central part of Fate. The book defines aspects as.

“An aspect is a word or phrase that describes something special about a person, place, thing, situation, or group. Almost anything you can think of can have aspects. A person might be the Greatest Swordswoman on the Cloud Sea. A room might be On Fire after you knock over an oil lamp. After a time-travel encounter with a dinosaur, you might be Terrified. Aspects let you change the story in ways that go along with your character’s tendencies, skills, or problems.

You spend fate points which you keep track of with pennies or glass beads or poker chips or some other tokens to unlock the power of aspects and make them help you. You earn fate points by letting a character aspect be compelled against you to complicate the situation or make your life harder. Be sure to keep track of the fate points you have left at the end of the session if you have more than your refresh, you start the next session with the fate points you ended this session with.”1

Aspects help drive the story and define the world. They are mainly used in two ways to invoke to help you out or as a compel hindering you.

When you invoke an aspect you may either re-roll an roll you didn’t like or add +2 to a roll. The trick is you must be able to narrate who your aspect applies.

When an aspect is compelled it either restricts your actions or makes your life harder. In this case the GM will give you a fate point. For example a Jedi may not be able to kill an unarmed opponent, or someone hunted by the Chae crime family may get a fate point of they show up to make life harder.

1 Fate Accelerated pg 25.

My Name is Fuzzy in the Middle
This announcement went out over radio, aether communication,town crier and flyer’s.

Dear citizens of The Royal Galactic Empire,
We have discovered more troubling evidence of the Jedi’s maleficence on the planet of Byss. A wellspring of corrupt energy was found in an Eldritch summoning circle. Kaiser Palpatine has ordered his finest alchemists to investigate the summoning circle. Citizens of the Empire please be advised that there will be a strong Imperial presence on Byss until the Jedi’s fowl work can be undone.

After stealing the final journal of Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu the crew of the Onyx rose ran to the space port where they meet with their animated android, they prep and takeoff. Once in space Akimoto Yoshino meditates on the newly acquired book while Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man listens in to the conversations from engineering.

The journal mentions that Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu wanted to head to Byss to visit an old friend of his on his way to his goal. As Akimoto Yoshino studies the book he learns that Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu left the order because he felt they put too much emphasis on the material and political situation rather than on the spiritual development of the new Jedi.

Then the group then lands on Byss, after a quick discussion about their next course of action they depart. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man walks up to some sailors and ask them about a “nicy nice” place to find woman. The sailors tell her about the Parchment & Eel a high end establishment located by trolley ride outside of town. Irahara Syoko identifies it as a refuge for failed Geisha.

The group then joins back up and begins to walk through the crows then the see some troopers with an old woman on her knees. Then one of them reads a proclamation.

“This woman stand accused of witchcraft and trying to contact the Jedi, the punishment for these crimes is death”

As the troopers try to take aim Akimoto Yoshino steps in using the force to try to stand their hand. However all he is able to do is stall them for a moment. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man yells assassin and tries to get the crowd going. Irahara Syoko fires one of her derringers into the air. With all the commotion the troopers grab the gypsy and haul her off pointing guns at the crowd.

Taking this momentary victory the group tries to regroup by the trolley. However as they go Qyn Flashtail sees that an old man is following Akimoto Yoshino. She confronts the old man. As she approaches she asks him some questions. He seems preoccupied with Akimoto Yoshino and keeps turning to see him.

Qyn Flashtail then scampers off to find Akimoto Yoshino to tell him. The group then decides on a split course of action. Akimoto Yoshino will confront the old man and the rest will go to check out the barracks where the gypsy woman is held. Qyn Flashtail scouts ahead and finds the cell where she is being held. Irahara Syoko finds a schedule of execution the gypsy is set for tomorrow mid day. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man sees that there are gaps in the patrol of the soldiers.

Akimoto Yoshino meets the old man I a bar and finds that he is an old jedi. Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu did indeed find his way to the planet but there are further concerns. The dark nexus of energy hasn’t been checked in some time and the empires elite soldiers are guarding it. He needs Akimoto Yoshino to check on it. He is also afraid The Exalted Order of the Damnedis behind the The Royal Galactic Empire.

Fate Accelerated Rules Corner: Stunts

I’m writing this section to calrify rules for some of ourplayers wh oare new to FATE and the Accelerated rules set. Als oto addresas a question Rich has asked a couple of times but I’ve never directly answered ”What about the ship, stats?” The ship doesn’t have stats.

Fate treats gear as fluff for narrative effect. I’m treating the ship as another piece of gear. So you make actions with it as you would any other action. However it stands to reason that really cool gear could stand, out that’s where stunts come in.

Quoting from the book pg. 31

“Stunts are tricks, maneuvers, or techniques your character has that change
how an approach works for your character. Generally this means you get a
bonus in certain situations, but sometimes it gives you some other ability
or characteristic. A stunt can also reflect specialized, high-quality, or exotic
equipment that your character has access to that gives them a frequent edge
over other characters”

The good news is theres’ no list of stunts and yoru free to create yoru own. The bad news is ther’s no list of stunts and you have ot think of them.

Sunts follow two different formats

Template 1 pg 31

“Because I [describe some way that you are exceptional, have a cool bit
of gear, or are otherwise awesome], I get a +2 when I [pick one: Carefully,
Cleverly, Flashily, Forcefully, Quickly, Sneakily] [pick one: attack,
defend, create advantages, overcome] when [describe a circumstance].”

Template 2 pg 32

“Because I [describe some way that you are exceptional, have a cool bit
of gear, or are otherwise awesome], once per game session I can [describe
something cool you can do].”

Those are from pages 31 and 32 respectively.

Most of you have examples of template 1 with Irahara Syoko
having template 2. please refer to your respective sheets for examples.

Blossoms Falling into Darkness


The following announcement went out over radio, aether communication,town crier and flyers

Greetings Fellow Seekers of the Unknown
I am Madam Parsad and I bring secrets from the other side. For a limited time I can sell you a way to uncover secrets once thought lost. I have a small number of crystals that can be used to contact the members of the fallen temple. For true seekers interested in these items please contact me on my shop on Byss.

The Adventure

Qyn Flashtail played by runa29
Akimoto Yoshino played by joseph1973
Irahara Syoko played by geoff42183

After discovering that the journal is being held by Roberts Bergall a lieutenant for the Soon-Chun crime family. After some thinking Soyoko calls up Iroh Sousuke a friend of his and a middle man specializing in exotic high interest items.

Finding Sousuke in The Falling Blossom a sake bar in the faux nicer part of Coursaunt. Where Sousuke was found with two geisha Syoko elbows her way in and makes small talk. While Qyn Flashtail trues the sake and Akimoto Yoshino stands by playing a bodyguard.

Eventually the group finds the address of a warehouse where Roberts Bergall would store suck merchandise. After a quick change the party was off.

The location led them into a near abandoned section of the underground sparcly populated by vermin and homless. They found the warehosue and scouted around. Eventually finding tw osecret doors along with the main door. Once coneled behind a table and one obviously a secret.

They settled on a two prong attack with Akimoto Yoshino going in first and providing the distraction while the others snuck in for the rear. unfortunately the homeless weren’t just derelicts of society there were guards. Yoshino is meet with guns at the ready.

He was escorted down to the main area. Then Roberts goes to remove Yoshino weapons just then Yoshino summons the force and points all the goons guns at each other. Just then Irahara Syoko and Qyn Flashtail burst in from the hidden door. Yoshino pulls the triggers forcing the goons to shoot each other. Then Irahara Syoko feints surrender, but pops a derringer out and shoots one of the mooks. The last grunt look around and bolts leaving Roberts to fend for himself.

Roberts surrenders and has his weapons removed. He bargains the group into letting him go unharmed for the journal. They accept and he points them at the book.. They grab it and head back to The Onyx Rose.

Significant Milestone

+1 to an approach.

I Hope the Lead is Legit this Time


The following announcement went out over radio, aether communication,town crier and flyers

Dear citizens,
It has come to my attention that many of you are trading in Jedi weapons. I cannot emphasis enough how dangerous this is. Just this past week dozens of such attacks passed over my desk. I shudder to think how may go unreported. My beloved subjects the Jedi were tucking with all kind of foul spirits. Why do you think they all had suck similar weapons and kept them so close. With such demons bound to their personal weapons whispering foul secrets to them. Trading supernatural powers for the price of innocent blood. Citizens I will not stand by and let the legacy of these murders and scorers corrupt The proud Royal Empire. As of this moment ALL Jedi weapons and other artifacts are banned from the hands of good citizens.

The following announcement went out over radio and flyers

Hello Citizens of the Empire,
Edward William Barton-Wright here since the ban on weapons was passed a-few months ago I’ve heard many of my fellow club members pine away at what to do if they are caught by a blood crazed Jedi, or maybe just a normal mugger. Well I have the solution; Bartitsu. The combination of years of galactic travel and studying with the very masters who taught the original Jedi. I’ll be founding a club very soon and I’m looking for a good location. Here’s the contest, send me a letter detailing why your home planet or city would make an ideal location for such a club. I’ll personally select a winner from the applicants.

The following announcement went out over flyers

Hi folks my name is Zed. We’ve all seen the ads for Mr. Barton-Wrigh’s new school. Well here’s the problem, he doesn’t even have it yet, and once it’s founded it will take years to get good enough to fight off most muggers. Do you really think you can take a possessed Jedi vampire pushed to unholy strength with just a week of Mr. Barton-Wright’s training. Now don;t get me wrong a man should be able to defend himself, and I’m sure Mr. Barton-Wright’s training is top notch. But folks there is a better way a faster way, guns.

Folks I don’t own a fancy store front like Mr. Barton-Wright is looking ot buy. I jsut have some land and some skills. Among them is gunsmithing. If you send a nominal processing fee I’ll send you my catalog which details all the guns I can make. You simple place your oder and I’ll send your weapon of choice out. I even keep a supply of ready to be used stock modles for faster shipping. However if your the kind of man who needs to have something “special” write me a latter describing what you need and I’ll reply with a quote. Thank you and Kaiser bless.

The Adventure

Qyn Flashtail played by runa29
Akimoto Yoshino played by joseph1973
Irahara Syoko played by geoff42183

Our story begins on the industrial nightmare Coruscant seat of The Royal Galactic Empire, in a small bar christened The Fallen Angle. Among stale smoke and the constant hum of the imperial machines the ragtag group discusses their newest lead. A small journal penned by Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu. After a brief discussion the party leaves to find Fredrick’s Curiosities and Consignments.

The fellowship rummages through the store trying fruitlessly to find the book. Akimoto Yoshino says he’s willing to ask the owner where the book is but the group may not like his method of questioning. An exasperated Irahara Syoko steps forward asking the owner about a certain book. For a small finders fee the owner reveals that Roberts Bergall is arranging an auction for the volume. Irahara Syoko is take aback by this news Robers is a lieutenant of Chae Soon-Chun, a crime-lord on Coruscant she is indebted to. That’s where we leave our group

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