Steam Wars

Blossoms Falling into Darkness


The following announcement went out over radio, aether communication,town crier and flyers

Greetings Fellow Seekers of the Unknown
I am Madam Parsad and I bring secrets from the other side. For a limited time I can sell you a way to uncover secrets once thought lost. I have a small number of crystals that can be used to contact the members of the fallen temple. For true seekers interested in these items please contact me on my shop on Byss.

The Adventure

Qyn Flashtail played by runa29
Akimoto Yoshino played by joseph1973
Irahara Syoko played by geoff42183

After discovering that the journal is being held by Roberts Bergall a lieutenant for the Soon-Chun crime family. After some thinking Soyoko calls up Iroh Sousuke a friend of his and a middle man specializing in exotic high interest items.

Finding Sousuke in The Falling Blossom a sake bar in the faux nicer part of Coursaunt. Where Sousuke was found with two geisha Syoko elbows her way in and makes small talk. While Qyn Flashtail trues the sake and Akimoto Yoshino stands by playing a bodyguard.

Eventually the group finds the address of a warehouse where Roberts Bergall would store suck merchandise. After a quick change the party was off.

The location led them into a near abandoned section of the underground sparcly populated by vermin and homless. They found the warehosue and scouted around. Eventually finding tw osecret doors along with the main door. Once coneled behind a table and one obviously a secret.

They settled on a two prong attack with Akimoto Yoshino going in first and providing the distraction while the others snuck in for the rear. unfortunately the homeless weren’t just derelicts of society there were guards. Yoshino is meet with guns at the ready.

He was escorted down to the main area. Then Roberts goes to remove Yoshino weapons just then Yoshino summons the force and points all the goons guns at each other. Just then Irahara Syoko and Qyn Flashtail burst in from the hidden door. Yoshino pulls the triggers forcing the goons to shoot each other. Then Irahara Syoko feints surrender, but pops a derringer out and shoots one of the mooks. The last grunt look around and bolts leaving Roberts to fend for himself.

Roberts surrenders and has his weapons removed. He bargains the group into letting him go unharmed for the journal. They accept and he points them at the book.. They grab it and head back to The Onyx Rose.

Significant Milestone

+1 to an approach.



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