Steam Wars

I Hope the Lead is Legit this Time


The following announcement went out over radio, aether communication,town crier and flyers

Dear citizens,
It has come to my attention that many of you are trading in Jedi weapons. I cannot emphasis enough how dangerous this is. Just this past week dozens of such attacks passed over my desk. I shudder to think how may go unreported. My beloved subjects the Jedi were tucking with all kind of foul spirits. Why do you think they all had suck similar weapons and kept them so close. With such demons bound to their personal weapons whispering foul secrets to them. Trading supernatural powers for the price of innocent blood. Citizens I will not stand by and let the legacy of these murders and scorers corrupt The proud Royal Empire. As of this moment ALL Jedi weapons and other artifacts are banned from the hands of good citizens.

The following announcement went out over radio and flyers

Hello Citizens of the Empire,
Edward William Barton-Wright here since the ban on weapons was passed a-few months ago I’ve heard many of my fellow club members pine away at what to do if they are caught by a blood crazed Jedi, or maybe just a normal mugger. Well I have the solution; Bartitsu. The combination of years of galactic travel and studying with the very masters who taught the original Jedi. I’ll be founding a club very soon and I’m looking for a good location. Here’s the contest, send me a letter detailing why your home planet or city would make an ideal location for such a club. I’ll personally select a winner from the applicants.

The following announcement went out over flyers

Hi folks my name is Zed. We’ve all seen the ads for Mr. Barton-Wrigh’s new school. Well here’s the problem, he doesn’t even have it yet, and once it’s founded it will take years to get good enough to fight off most muggers. Do you really think you can take a possessed Jedi vampire pushed to unholy strength with just a week of Mr. Barton-Wright’s training. Now don;t get me wrong a man should be able to defend himself, and I’m sure Mr. Barton-Wright’s training is top notch. But folks there is a better way a faster way, guns.

Folks I don’t own a fancy store front like Mr. Barton-Wright is looking ot buy. I jsut have some land and some skills. Among them is gunsmithing. If you send a nominal processing fee I’ll send you my catalog which details all the guns I can make. You simple place your oder and I’ll send your weapon of choice out. I even keep a supply of ready to be used stock modles for faster shipping. However if your the kind of man who needs to have something “special” write me a latter describing what you need and I’ll reply with a quote. Thank you and Kaiser bless.

The Adventure

Qyn Flashtail played by runa29
Akimoto Yoshino played by joseph1973
Irahara Syoko played by geoff42183

Our story begins on the industrial nightmare Coruscant seat of The Royal Galactic Empire, in a small bar christened The Fallen Angle. Among stale smoke and the constant hum of the imperial machines the ragtag group discusses their newest lead. A small journal penned by Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu. After a brief discussion the party leaves to find Fredrick’s Curiosities and Consignments.

The fellowship rummages through the store trying fruitlessly to find the book. Akimoto Yoshino says he’s willing to ask the owner where the book is but the group may not like his method of questioning. An exasperated Irahara Syoko steps forward asking the owner about a certain book. For a small finders fee the owner reveals that Roberts Bergall is arranging an auction for the volume. Irahara Syoko is take aback by this news Robers is a lieutenant of Chae Soon-Chun, a crime-lord on Coruscant she is indebted to. That’s where we leave our group



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