Steam Wars

Assault on the Compound

For a week now Irahara Syoko has been on the planet of Siskeen, enjoying tea and the warm weather. During her exploration of the city she found an order of force sensitive people former allies of the Jedi. The lodge of the rising Sun. Armed with such useful intelligence the group heads in,. They are meet by heavily armed guards wearing turbins. Spotting Qyn Flashtail they inquire after her. After ascertaining her identity they usher her in.

Qyn Flashtail’s brother was among the lodges members however they were recently kidnapped by a sith, intent on blackmailing the order into submission. The group speaks with Master Singh Gatha the Grand Elder of the lodge. He Has indeed spoken with Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu recently and will happily direct them along on their quest. However with Skye Flashtail being trapped the Elder implores the group for help, for which they acquiesce..

Irahara Syoko went in first and was captured sadly she saw little of the complex as Nicole taunted her and threw her into a cell. Then a strike team came into a secret passage opened by Gatka’s men while she distracted some guards. At the same time Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man with the frontal assault team they dealt with a sniper by quick counter sniper actions and blew through the large iron bars. Only to bwe meet with two machin gun nests right inside them. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man robotic body took the brunt of the fire and was able to rush and disable the nests with minim damage.

Then Qyn Flashtail flew over with the Onxy Rose blowing up several of the waiting ships and setting some fuel drums on fire.

Inside the stroke team lead by a cobra struck now free Irahara Syoko ran into the main room as Pheriphetes and his team burst through the door one of the lodge members engaged the waiting sith and while everyone else mopped up goons.

Using the brawl as cover Irahara Syoko slipped into the other end of the compound and finds the other members of the lodge quickly freeing them they join in the fight. Seeing the tide of battle turn Nicole breaks away and runs to her personel carrier evaing Qyn Flashtail and the rose.

Afterwards the group celebrates as they are given choice of unique weapons from the Lodges arsenal and directions to the next destination.



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