Steam Wars

I get my 10 foot Pole

As the clouds part the team sets sights on the city of Alexandria the Onxy Rose lands on the landing bay behind the main building. They enter in search of clues entering the main room a marbled lobby adorned with old art.

Irahara Syoko investigates the art seeing it’s old hero’s from myth and legend. Qyn Flashtail began exploring and was attacked by a dart. At this Irahara Syoko goes back to the ship to retentive a 10 foot pole as she begins checking for traps as they go.

After winding around some more obstacles the group finds it’s way to the catalog where Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man begins searching through the index. Irahara Syoko wanders off int othe old news paper to try to find what happened to this place. Sadly not funding much.

As the group progresses they find Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu in the next room preparing tea for their arrival. The group settles in as Irahara Syoko retells the story of their journey.



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