Steam Wars

I Swear by my Sword

The ship stops on the Swamp planet of Falleen, on Neup Gwangsan a floatingplatform settled on a swamp lake. Irahara Syoko has gone ahead to their next destination. To restock before heading on to Siskeen. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man restocks on Aether Grease mixing his custom formula from the different reagents on the shelves of the chemist. While Qyn Flashtail restocks foods stuffs. All is going well until the crew heads back to their ship. Where the find Roberts Bergall backed up by about a half dozen thugs. He then points out that the groups ship has been impounded and they are guests of the Chae Crime family.

Roberts Bergall makes them an offer, he’s been having issues with the local Falleen population if they were to handle it for him he’s be ever so grateful. So the crew of the Onyx Rose sets out on a rowboat into the swamps. They cross a lake into the mangrove trees searching for the native lizardpeople. Eventually they found them, in an ambush.

Akimoto Yoshino bartered wit them based on the Orders reputation. The group was brought in front of the tribal leader. Akimoto Yoshino bargned again, the chief explained that the crime family had kidnapped several of their people and were forcing them to work as slave labor. Upon hearing that the party swiftly agrees to help the people. The group spends a few days there regrouping.

Then they go off to the rig again to speak with Roberts Bergall they meet him in his office surrounded by his thugs and Phep. After Roberts Bergall refuses to acquiesce to the groups demands Akimoto Yoshino attacks. During the scuffle Akimoto Yoshino is injured just then Deekin one of the tribal lizard people bursts in. He had followed the party. Elling free my peopleā€ he dives into the fraymosty places wielding his spear masterfully. This sudden addition turns the tide as the group slaughters everyone in the room.

Taking Akimoto Yoshino the group wanders until they find and free the trapped falleen. Then they bolt back to the ship and bluff their way pas t the guards. Ships are scattered to intercept but Qyn Flashtail easily evades them.



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