Steam Wars

My Name is Fuzzy in the Middle

This announcement went out over radio, aether communication,town crier and flyer’s.

Dear citizens of The Royal Galactic Empire,
We have discovered more troubling evidence of the Jedi’s maleficence on the planet of Byss. A wellspring of corrupt energy was found in an Eldritch summoning circle. Kaiser Palpatine has ordered his finest alchemists to investigate the summoning circle. Citizens of the Empire please be advised that there will be a strong Imperial presence on Byss until the Jedi’s fowl work can be undone.

After stealing the final journal of Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu the crew of the Onyx rose ran to the space port where they meet with their animated android, they prep and takeoff. Once in space Akimoto Yoshino meditates on the newly acquired book while Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man listens in to the conversations from engineering.

The journal mentions that Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu wanted to head to Byss to visit an old friend of his on his way to his goal. As Akimoto Yoshino studies the book he learns that Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu left the order because he felt they put too much emphasis on the material and political situation rather than on the spiritual development of the new Jedi.

Then the group then lands on Byss, after a quick discussion about their next course of action they depart. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man walks up to some sailors and ask them about a “nicy nice” place to find woman. The sailors tell her about the Parchment & Eel a high end establishment located by trolley ride outside of town. Irahara Syoko identifies it as a refuge for failed Geisha.

The group then joins back up and begins to walk through the crows then the see some troopers with an old woman on her knees. Then one of them reads a proclamation.

“This woman stand accused of witchcraft and trying to contact the Jedi, the punishment for these crimes is death”

As the troopers try to take aim Akimoto Yoshino steps in using the force to try to stand their hand. However all he is able to do is stall them for a moment. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man yells assassin and tries to get the crowd going. Irahara Syoko fires one of her derringers into the air. With all the commotion the troopers grab the gypsy and haul her off pointing guns at the crowd.

Taking this momentary victory the group tries to regroup by the trolley. However as they go Qyn Flashtail sees that an old man is following Akimoto Yoshino. She confronts the old man. As she approaches she asks him some questions. He seems preoccupied with Akimoto Yoshino and keeps turning to see him.

Qyn Flashtail then scampers off to find Akimoto Yoshino to tell him. The group then decides on a split course of action. Akimoto Yoshino will confront the old man and the rest will go to check out the barracks where the gypsy woman is held. Qyn Flashtail scouts ahead and finds the cell where she is being held. Irahara Syoko finds a schedule of execution the gypsy is set for tomorrow mid day. Pheriphetes created by Chae Hyung-man sees that there are gaps in the patrol of the soldiers.

Akimoto Yoshino meets the old man I a bar and finds that he is an old jedi. Myoushu Shukun Wakatsuki Kaiketsu did indeed find his way to the planet but there are further concerns. The dark nexus of energy hasn’t been checked in some time and the empires elite soldiers are guarding it. He needs Akimoto Yoshino to check on it. He is also afraid The Exalted Order of the Damnedis behind the The Royal Galactic Empire.

Fate Accelerated Rules Corner: Stunts

I’m writing this section to calrify rules for some of ourplayers wh oare new to FATE and the Accelerated rules set. Als oto addresas a question Rich has asked a couple of times but I’ve never directly answered ”What about the ship, stats?” The ship doesn’t have stats.

Fate treats gear as fluff for narrative effect. I’m treating the ship as another piece of gear. So you make actions with it as you would any other action. However it stands to reason that really cool gear could stand, out that’s where stunts come in.

Quoting from the book pg. 31

“Stunts are tricks, maneuvers, or techniques your character has that change
how an approach works for your character. Generally this means you get a
bonus in certain situations, but sometimes it gives you some other ability
or characteristic. A stunt can also reflect specialized, high-quality, or exotic
equipment that your character has access to that gives them a frequent edge
over other characters”

The good news is theres’ no list of stunts and yoru free to create yoru own. The bad news is ther’s no list of stunts and you have ot think of them.

Sunts follow two different formats

Template 1 pg 31

“Because I [describe some way that you are exceptional, have a cool bit
of gear, or are otherwise awesome], I get a +2 when I [pick one: Carefully,
Cleverly, Flashily, Forcefully, Quickly, Sneakily] [pick one: attack,
defend, create advantages, overcome] when [describe a circumstance].”

Template 2 pg 32

“Because I [describe some way that you are exceptional, have a cool bit
of gear, or are otherwise awesome], once per game session I can [describe
something cool you can do].”

Those are from pages 31 and 32 respectively.

Most of you have examples of template 1 with Irahara Syoko
having template 2. please refer to your respective sheets for examples.



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